Theater an der Wien: The Fiery Angel

Театр Ан дер Вин: Огненный ангел

Prokofiev’s Fiery Angel is one of the outstanding operas of the 20th century.

Cast & Crew

Ruprecht – Bo Skovhus
Renata – Ausrine Stundyte
The innkeeper – Natascha Petrinsky
The witch – Elena Zaremba
Agrippa / Mephistopheles – Nikolai Schukoff
Conductor – Constantin Trinks
Director – Andrea Breth
Set designer – Martin Zehetgruber
Costume Designer – Carla Teti
Lighting Designer – Alexander Koppelmann


The year is 1534. Ruprecht spends the night in a run-down inn. Suddenly he hears cries of fear from the next room, in which it seems a woman is in danger. He breaks down the connecting door to help her and comes face to face with a stunningly beautiful woman – who is alone. She implores him to protect her and tells him her extraordinary story: Her name, she says, is Renata, and ever since she was a child she had an intimate relationship with a fiery angel called Madiel, but she has lost him and has been looking for him, constantly pursued by demons. Something about this strange woman moves Ruprecht. He becomes her protector and more and more he falls deeply in love with her, but she only takes advantage of him. When he is seriously injured, she cares apparently loving for him, but then she enters a convent. Soon after her arrival strange things start to happen there. The abbess summons an inquisitor, but his exorcism spirals completely out of control. In the end the inquisitor sentences Renata to be burned at the stake.



2 h. 3 interval


Recorded screening: Russian, russian subtitles